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meesho online shopping apk download play store

 Talking about a few years ago today, there were not many new ways to earn money.  But since the advent of the Internet, there is no dearth of new options to earn money.  Today there are so many websites and apps from which you can earn money sitting at home.

One of those apps is Meesho.  You must have seen the advertisement of Meesho  on TV, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But if you do not know what Meesho app kya hai, and Meesho se paise kaise kamaye then you have come to the right place. So let's know how you can use Meesho app.  can earn money.

meesho app online shopping apk download play store
meesho app online shopping apk download play store

What is meesho app?

meesho is an online product selling platform, like amazon and flipkart, you can understand something similar to meesho app, but it is specially designed for reseller (who sells the same buy) The help of this app  With this you can buy goods directly from Meesho and directly to your customer,

In this, you can put the price of your mind in front of the customer and they will not even know how much you bought and sold it for how much if you use meesho app, then keeping you like a purchase.  The problem of selling by taking out the margin is over, now you can sell the goods directly to your customer very easily without any problem, and you will also get the margin

How to download Meesho app?

If you want to earn money from meesho app and want to use meesho app then first of all install meesho app in your phone. To install meesho app you go to play store and you search by typing meesho then you will get meesho app  Will get  From here you install the meesho app.

meesho app download

How to create account in Meesho

Creating an account on Meesho is quite easy.  You must have used many apps till date and also created your account in them.  Just like you create an account in other apps, you can also create your account in Meesho.  But if you do not understand how to create an account in Meesho, then follow the steps given below.

1 First of all open Meesho app.

2. Now click on the account button present in the bottom right-side.

3. After this click on the sign up button at the top.

4. On clicking Sign up, a pop-up will appear in front of you in which you will have to enter your mobile number and then click on send OTP.

5. After this, an OTP will come to your number for verification, which will be verified by the app itself.

6. After this you have to give necessary permissions to the app and setup the profile.

In this way you can create your account on Meesho

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How to earn money from Meesho App

There are two ways to earn money from Meesho, first you can sell your own products on Meesho and second you can earn money by reselling the products on Meesho.  If you resell Meesho's products, then you will get commission from Meesho's side which you can decide for yourself.

That is, when you are reselling a product, then on the payment page you have to yes on the option of reselling and after that you have to put your margin in it.  You will get the full margin which you will put.  But margin has a limit,

You cannot do this by placing a commission of 1000-1500 on a product. The commission which will justify the price of the product is the only commission you can earn on a product.

And in this way you can earn money by reselling from Meesho Select product - First select the product from Meesho which you want to sell. Share on social media - Now share it through Meesho on social media or in any whatsapp group or community  Do it.

Take Order - If the product will be of any kind, get in touch by Place an Order.  Order on Meesho - Get the product you want, quality address and payment details and then read our other blogs for yourself on Meesho

How to Seller Meesho Goods?

Day by day this application is progressing as many people are joining it every day.  So far more than 5000000 resellers have joined Meesho App and through this they are selling goods.  Here you see more than 2.5 lakh products.  In this way, you get many varieties and categories of products here.

To earn money through Meesho App, you have to take the help of social media, because the link of the product in it, you have to share it on social media.  In Meesho App, you get the option to share the link of the product on the social media app mentioned below.




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So friends, we have learned in this post, What is Meesho App?  And what happens with Meesho App?  And we know whether Meesho app is safe app or not and what is the principle of this app.  How much can we benefit from this app.  We have learned all these things in this post.

So friends, I hope that you have liked my post and got to know something good from this post and you must have got some benefit from it.  So friends if you have any question related to this post

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